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nmaas 1.6.1 is a minor update containing foremost a fix in the nmaas Janitor component along with a set of UI enhancements and new option for application instance deployment customization.

New Deployment Variables for Applications

Additional global deployment variables were added and can be used by application managers to configure automatic outbound email configuration for instances of a particular application. These variables are:

  • SMTP_HOSTNAME_WITH_PORT = this is a new variable that is a concatenation of the existing {{ SMTP_HOSTNAME }}:{{ SMTP_PORT }}variables.
  • SMTP_FROM_DEFAULT_DOMAIN = the default domain for sending emails, e.g.

It is now also possible to specify the PostgreSQL port, in case an external instance is being used, by setting the POSTGRESQL_PORT env variable (

Portal enhancements

Some enhancements to the UI were identified after the v1.6.0 release mostly focused on user experience and data presentation.