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Introduction is an open-source tool for website change detection. It is capable of monitoring HTML and JSON files and can send various types of notifications when a change is detected.

Using XPath or CSS selectors it is also possible to only watch specific page elements. Interactive websites relying heavily on JavaScript can be crawled using a headless Chrome instance which is also deployed on NMaaS together with the base application.

Customizable Parameters does not have any parameters that need to be customized during the initial deployment on NMaaS.

All configuration is done from the built-in configuration manager accessible once the application is deployed.

Examples Home Screen

Fig. 1: Home Screen

Configuring Notification Options

Fig. 2: Configuring Notification Options

Configuring Fetching Mechanism

Fig. 3: Configuring Fetching Mechanism

Previewing Changes Diff

Fig. 4: Previewing Changes Diff

Notifications has support for various notification providers, using the Apprise library. Details about each supported notification provider are given on the Apprise Wiki, as well as on the wiki pages.

In terms of the managed NMaaS production instance, users can leverage the built-in mail sender, using the following configuration:


The parameters $domain-name and $dest-name are up to the user to replace with the specific values, as needed.

For example, for the domain name nmaas-test and an admin email of, the configuration would be:



For more information and a complete features list, consult the up-to-date Wiki on GitHub.