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nmaas Guides - Introduction

The Guides section is dedicated to hosting step-by-step instructions on how to perform common tasks from the nmaas web interface (the nmaas Portal). The following guides are currently available:

  • Application Manager Guide - targeted at users with the application manager role. It outlines the required steps to add a new version of an existing application in the nmaas catalog.
  • Domain Admin Guide - targeted at users with the Domain Admin role. It describes the steps to add or remove users to/from an existing domain.
  • User Guide - targeted at regular users. It provides a comprehensive overview on how nmaas can be used, starting from requesting a new domain and registering a user account, to deploying application instances, accessing them, reconfiguring them, and finally deprovisioning application instances which are no longer needed.

Please note that these guides are aimed at nmaas users interacting with the platform through its web interface. Administrators who would like to deploy a new nmaas instance should have a look at the nmaas Installation Guide.