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The cost and complexity of developing and integrating in-house network management may be too high for many NRENs (National Research and Education Networks), institutions, projects or teams. Off-the-shelf solutions might not be suitable and might be costly.

Network Management as a Service (NMaaS) aims to support these users in providing an effective, efficient network and service management platform. NMaaS enables management and monitoring of user networks through on-demand deployment of network management tools in a Kubernetes-based cloud infrastructure. Using a multi-tenant approach and software based VPNs, each NREN or institution has private access to their network management systems and services from a highly available cloud based platform.

NMaaS is meant for smaller and emerging NRENs, campuses, small organisations or distributed research projects that may have limited resources to develop and/or maintain their own NMS infrastructure or planned to outsource these activities. By using a shared and supported platform, institutions can focus solely on the monitoring and management of their service components. It is also suitable for use in those NRENs which provide campus network management service (CNaaS) to their institutions. Using NMaaS, NRENs can easily provide per-campus network management software instances.

Managed NMaaS

NMaaS ( is offered within the G√ČANT project as a managed service since December 2018. Currently, the portfolio of tools offered by NMaaS consists of over 30 applications including Oxidized, LibreNMS, Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix, NetBox and others.

Self-hosted NMaaS

NMaaS self-hosting options are also available for users having access to an existing Kubernetes infrastructure.